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WHEREAS, BOBBY CARROLL, did on June 3, 2010 execute and deliver to LAVERNE STRICKLAND a certain Deed to Secure Debt recorded at Deed Book 275, pages 537-539 WILCOX County Records, securing a certain Note, and conveying the following described property, to-wit:
All that tract or parcel of land lying and being in LAND LOT 271 in 12th Land District of Wilcox County, Georgia, containing 53.09 acres according to plat of survey prepared by Earl D. Raines, Ga. RLS # 1512, dated 7/24/1994, recorded in plat book 4, page 127, Wilcox County Records, which plat is incorporated herein by reference. Said tract lying North Easterly of the CSX Railroad right of way.
EXCEPTED THEREFROM is a 15 acre tract of Land in Land Lot 271 in the 12th Land District more particularly described in a deed from Bobby Carroll to Bobby Gene Cummings and Tamara Jane Cummings, dated March 31, 2010 Recorded April 2nd 2010 Deed Book 274 Pages 456-457 Wilcox County Records.
Time being of the essence in said Deed to Secure Debt and Note or Notes it secures.
WHEREAS, said indebtedness has become in default both as to principal and interest, and the holder elects that the entire indebtedness, principal and interest, become due and payable at once as therein provided.
NOW, THEREFORE, according to the original terms of said security instrument, the power of sale contained therein and the laws in such cases made and provided, the undersigned holder will, after proper advertisement, expose the above-described property for sale to the highest and best bidder for cash on the first TUESDAY in May 4th 2021,(05/04/2021) between the legal hours of sale before the Wilcox County Courthouse door in ABBEVILLE, Georgia; said holder reserves the right to reject any and all bids. The sale may continue from day to day until said property is sold, and the purchaser shall pay real estate transfer tax and any taxes due or accrued together with all taxes for the current year.
To the best of the undersigned’s knowledge and belief, possession of the subject property is held by ESTATE OF BOBBY CARROLL
Proceeds from said sale shall be used first for payment of said indebtedness, principal and interest, costs and expenses of sale, and the balance, if any, delivered to person or persons legally entitled thereto, and the undersigned will execute a deed to the confirmed purchaser as authorized by the aforementioned loan deed.
The undersigned has complied with Section 44-14-162.1, et. seq., by mailing a copy of the Notice of Foreclosure Sale submitted to the publisher to the Debtor, by certified mail, return receipt requested at least 15 days prior to the date of sale.
This March 23, 2021.

As Attorney-in-Fact for

James W. Hurt
111 West 13th Ave,
Cordele, Ga 31015
Ga bar 380100
Lawyer is acting as debt collector attempting to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.

Cordele Dispatch: Apr. 7, 14, 21 and 28, 2021